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January 30, 2012 at 12:06pm
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Sunny Day, Sweepin’ the clouds away.

When I was younger I was very fond with people wearing sunglasses. I thought they were a celebrity, or someone who was popular that was trying to hide their identity, beside what they actually carry out. But besides that, here are my top favorite glasses of all time.


Growing up listening to Hip- Hop.  I remember RUN-D. M. C. wearing these awesome sunglasses. I really wanted these sunglasses. I begged my parents, but they didn’t budged.  These sunglasses are another part of pop-culture, and it represents the 80’s. I wish I owned these sunglasses, so I can own a piece of history. I wish I had all of these colors and the limited editions.  Someone get some FROG SKIN SUNGLASSES!


I bought these glasses out of impulse. The influence of celebrities made me go a get my self these sunglasses. The variety of style and color makes it more fun to wear.  Out of all honesty these glasses are not that bad. Price wise and looks wise. The price ranges from $145- $160 Canadian. Ray-ban is consistent with style with exceptional quality and comfort.


Classics. I am so in love with these glasses, and I wish they would suit my face. Looking back these glasses were so famous in the 50s and 80s, and they made a massive come back. They are so unique, they bring back retro to tedious generic sunglasses. They represent a lifestyle that pops out in crowd.  It has one of kind framing, and very durable. These glasses come variety of colors and sizes of frames. I still wish I owned these glasses for my collection.  

January 28, 2012 at 11:31pm
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In that time of year… WINTER TIME!

Winnipeg endures very cold winters, occasionally rather brutal winters. Some Canadians know us as the city Winterpeg, Manitoba. Winnipeg snow can reach depths of greater than 15 cm. Our winters are dangerous, having the life threatening combination of low temperature and high wind speed. Winnipeg winter weather can get below minus 30. I KNOW, IT IS RIDICULOUS! Keeping these weather conditions in mind, I will show you some tips of handling our glorious freezing Winnipeg winters with the hint of my own personal style. 

  • Canada Goose Jacket

    Here is a short description of a Canada Goose, please visit:
    Owning a Canada Goose jacket is best investment of the season. Even though it’s a little pricey, it is worth every penny and dime.  I have been an owner of a Canada Goose jacket for 2 winters now, and it is the best investment. Some days I would only wear a t- shirt and I would still be sweating in -20 weather. It comes in a variety of colors and styles of men, women, and children. Also, watch for the fakes. On their site they have a list of the authorized dealers.   
  • Northface -Etip Gloves

    Comfortably work your touch screen phone, MP3 player, or laptop mouse pad with warm hands thanks to gripper palm and click-wheel-compatible thumb and index finger. Stretch knit shell ideal for three-season wear.
    When I saw these I was so amazed! Even though these gloves are not very practical during below weather, but these gloves are very practical when you have a touch screen phone such as the IPhone. It took me a really long time to find a pair of gloves that you can use on a touch screen.  These gloves are currently sold at Sportcheck for $40.00 CND.
  • The Gap –Scarf & Toque

    For Christmas I got an Ombre marled knit scarf and Cardigan stitch toque from The Gap. I was really impressed about the thickness, soft knit, and the color of the scarf, and the soft knit and the ribbed trim on the toque. The downside of having this wool scarf is that it only can be dry-cleaned, but it is very stylish.  


  • Red Wing- Boots
    These boots are a classic. They are tough and rough, so if you’re actually going to work they are very durable. Or, if you’re in college and in the classroom, you’ll just look very stylish. Either way, you can’t lose. They take a while to break, but once you break them in they are comfy.

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The New Tribesmen

The students of School of Fashion Arts (SoFA) - did an amazing magazine pictorial. The theme of this pictorial was the “Modern Hawaiian”. The story behind this pictorial is that there were two Hawaiian tribe’s men that decided to go the big city to conquer and influence others. When they arrived in the big city, they seduced the women to fall in love their rich culture and inevitably the unique lifestyle.

This is a great modern Hawaiian look fused with the modern Aztec tribal look. I love the bright colorful prints and the tribal tattoos, and great choice of accessory to enhance the models. I am really proud my cousins Coyi and Julio, this is an awesome pictorial.


Photographed by Julio Munar & Kaye Cuenco
Styling by Emmanuel Belen II & Coyi Munar
Post-editing & Layout by Bengt Enrique

Hair: Taday Gallardo
Makeup: E.J. Litiatco
Body Art: Leo Velasco

Models: Clint Bondad, Matt Gredoña, Nicole Ramos, Iza Berenguer

Credits: Cholo dela Vega, Kaye Cuenco, Tipay Caintic, Bengt Enrique, Alyssa Lapid, Seph Bagasao, Florian Trinidad, Rocky de Castro, Tina Chan, Karen Castro, Brigette Velasquez, Marx, Trish Baluyot, Tatenda Sipula, Antonn Barot, Maina Hechanova, Mads Constantino and Charlie Magdaleno (SoFA)

January 6, 2012 at 2:21pm
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H&M for Versace

Ms. Donatella Versace is back with another collaboration with H&M. The Cruise Collection for brings the hot summer breeze back to our Winnipeg cold winter. This collection will be available online on January 19th exclusively to the European market. Unfortunately Winnipeg does not have an H&M, but soon enough we will get one. PATIENCE is key.

The men’s collection brings back the classic Versace print to the variety of their contemporary tailored suits, cardigans, denim dress shirts, cotton shirts, alongside pleat-front shorts and my favorite, the trunks.  The women’s collection focuses on a very light and feminine approach; prints on the dresses, tops, lingerie and cashmere cardigans. They also offer jeans, bikinis, and accessories such as bracelets, totes, flats, and pumps.